Deconstruting ‘Dynamic Process Integrity’


  ABSTRACT The article examines and offers commentary on Dr. Rolf’s 1954 essay “Dynamic Process Integrity: Introducing Postural Integration,” noting that this may be Rolf’s first writing on what later became known as Rolfing®...

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Dynamic Process Integrity

ROLF, Ida P.

  ABSTRACT This early essay, prepared in advance of a 1954 class for chiropractors and osteopaths, shows Ida Rolf’s early thinking on the theory and principles of what later came to be known as...

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Os arcos dos pés, em pé e na marcha

By: Rolfing Brasil Year: 01/02/2012

For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative...

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Rolfing The New York Mets

By: Rolf Lines Year: 05/03/1993

BH: Hello, Matt. MS: Does it sound funny, us on both phones? BH: No....

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Freewheelin’ with Jan Sultan

By: Structural Integration Year: 05/03/2018

Michael Boblett: Jan, I am interested in the human foot as a sense organ....

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