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Associação Brasileira de Rolfing


Rolf Institute
Structural Integration


IASI - International Association of Structural Integrators

Rolf Institute Faculty

Schweizerische Gesellschaft fŸr Strukturelle Integration

Japanese Rolfing Association





The Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration was developed in the spirit of advancing the theory and practice of Structural Integration. Its goals are to facilitate access to the intellectual product of the Structural Integration community; to encourage study and research; and to inspire our readers to contribute to the body of knowledge of this young science.

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NOTICE TO VISITORS: U.S. copyright laws (Title 17, U.S.C.), and perhaps also the laws of other jurisdictions, restrict the downloading and use of materials posted within the Virtual Library. The site visitor is liable for any infringement.

NOTICE TO AUTHORS: Pedro Prado has tried to contact each and every author whose work is included in the Virtual Library in order to get the authors’ permission to post their work. Unfortunately, some authors whose work appears here were not contacted because they could not be found. If you are one of those authors, please make sure you have subscribed already, and click on the label Contact us in the column at left to send a message to Pedro.

This site was created and is maintained in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by and under the direction of Pedro Prado, PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration and Movement Practitioner. He is also a member of the Advanced Faculty of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®.
Dr. Prado is solely responsible for the content of this site; The Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration is not affiliated with the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® or any other school or organization of structural integration.

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