Ninja Movement Exercises and Vertical Bone Alignment

HIRATA, Tsuguo

ABSTRACT The author, Tsuguo Hirata, studies ninja movement arts from a teacher of that form who also exemplifies in his movement the goals of Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI). He shares with us the importance...

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Deviating from the ‘Recipe’


ABSTRACT Dr. Rolf’s ‘Recipe’ gives us a proven and intelligent way to work with body and ‘being’ to achieve structural change. The author shares her personal experience, both as client and practitioner, on the...

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Assessment and Thoracic Viscera in SI

By: Structural Integration Year: 31/05/2011

Connective tissue in the human body is a single three-dimensional web comprising approximately 20%...

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The Biomechanics of the Thoracolumbar Fascia

By: Rolf Lines Year: 05/03/1990

Summary The back muscles alone are unable to provide the extensor moment required to lift...

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Changing the Trajectory of Life

By: Structure Integration Year: 01/09/2017

From Anne Hoff: As Editor-in-Chief of this Journal, planning a theme on Rolfing SI...

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