Nothing Is Everything. Everything Is Nothing. (It All Depends on Your Viewpoint)

HOFF, Anne F.; Yoshitaka Koda

By Anne Hoff and Yoshita Koda, Certified Advanced Rolfers™   ABSTRACT During her lifetime, Ida Rolf taught her work in the United States primarily. In subsequent years, Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) has spread to...

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Similarities and Synergies Between Rolfing® SI and Acupuncture

Naoki Hattori

Naoki Hattori has been a practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Oriental medicine for more than fifteen years. Ever since gaining his certification as a Rolfer in 2014, he has been fascinated by the similarities...

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Rolfing: A Case History

By: Bulletin of Structural Integration Year: 05/05/1980

Editor's note: The following is, to my knowledge, the first time that a case...

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Fascia: Exquisite Medium of Human Expression

By: IASI Year: 25/06/2018

A rigid person is a disciple of death. The soft, supple, and delicate are...

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Olympic Runners Being Rolfed

By: Rolf Lines Year: 05/12/1987

The running study being, conducted at Arizona State University (ASU) is ready to begin....

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