REVIEWS – A Manual Approach to the Brain – Part 1


with Jean-Pierre Barral Reviewed by Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™ Viewing this latest offering of DVDs from Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, was a poignant experience for me: I attended Barral’s brain class a year ago,...

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Keeping Them in the Game: Working with NFL and NBA Athletes for Performance and Recovery from Injury


By Russell Stolzoff, Advanced Rolfing® Instructor; Wayne Henningsgaard and Sandy Henningsgaard, Certified Advanced Rolfers™ ABSTRACT Russell Stolzoff, Advanced Rolfing Instructor, interviews Wayne and Sandy Henningsgaard, two longtime Rolfers who have a depth of experience...

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Exercise and Balance

By: Rolf Lines Year: 05/08/1998

Rosie Spiegel is an Advanced Certified Rolfer, a certified Practitioner of Rolf Movement, and...

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Depois que Willam Bonner Foi-se Embora

By: Rolfing Brasil Year: 05/01/2009

For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative...

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An Interview with Ida Rolf

By: Bulletin of Structural Integration Year: 05/08/1979

Editor’s note: the following is an edited version of an interview that comes to...

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