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Allowing the Transformation To Emerge

ALLEN, Ray; BRUNGARDT, Tessy et al.



    Por: Rolf Lines Ano: 05/04/1998

    Warning - The following is a portrait of an extremely shocking subject-human dissection. Something...

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    A Review of the Future of the Body Workshop

    Por: Rolf Lines Ano: 05/02/1996

    I’d like to share my experience of The Future of the Body workshop taught...

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    ZZ ???????????????

    Por: Rolf Lines Ano: 05/03/1995

    ?? ?? (Kevin Frank) ??????????? Hubert Godard????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????intrinsic movement?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????RSI???????????????????????RMI????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(intrinsic movement) ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????RSI ?RMI????????????????????????? ?????????...

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