A New Look at Eye Training

By: BERRETT, Marilyn D. Rosanes;

Published: Bulletin of Structural Integration

Year: 05/0


Language: English

Vol: 2

Number: 3

Page: 12-15

Dr. Marilyn B. Rosanes Berret is a clinical psychologist in practice in New York City. She trained as an instructor in the Bates Method of Eye Training. For several years she worked at the Granada Mental Health Clinic in Miami under the supervision of Drs. Frederick S. Pearls and T. E. Moore who were interested in the psychological aspects of visual problems. There she started training as a psychotherapist, using Gestalt Therapy as an adjunct to visual training. Dr. Berrett now trains professionals in both the Bates Method and Gestalt Therapy. Dr. Berrett will conduct a workshop on these combined techniques at Esalen Institute during December, 1970 or in the Spring of 1971. For information write her at 420 East 86 Street, New York City, 10028. Exploring the link between emotional factors and visual processes...