How to Chance Whole Systems

By: HAMMANN, Kalen;

Published: Bulletin of Structural Integration

Year: 05/1


Language: English

Vol: 2

Number: 4

Page: 14-20

MAINLY FOR ROLFERS This part of the Bulletin contains material primarily of interest to those who have been trained to do the Structural Integration work. Others, however, may find it of interest to know what the Rollers are up to and to "listen in" on some of their conversations about the joys and hardships of doing the work, as well as their explorations of techniques for accomplishing it more effectively. NON ROLFERS PLEASE NOTE: I wasn't sure where this article ought to go in the Bulletin. At one level, it's an article on rolling technique; at that level only rollers will understand what it's talking about, so I've included it here in the section "Mainly for Rollers." At another level, however, the principles set forth ought to be useful to almost anybody trying to change anything with the properties of a system (boundary, "parts" all of which are mutually interrelated in a constantly shifting equilibrium, and like that). So you may find it intriguing even if you aren't trained in Structural Integration... (Ed.)