Natural Walking

By: CLARK, David; OHLGREN, Gael Switzer;

Published: Rolf Lines

Year: 05/0


Language: English

Vol: 23

Number: 1

Page: 21-28

"Many thanks go to Sydney Frasca and Jeffrey Maitland for their editing assistance, to Tina Layton for her secretarial abilities, and to Adam Clark for his computer and research skills without which getting this paper off the drawing board would have been horrendous." "...simple, everyday, run-of-the-mill, bipedal walking is among the most crucial and defining elements of human nature. Humans, in fact, are the only mammals on the Earth designed to walk in a habitually upright position,... So unique is the notion and the architecture of bipedal walking that it may very well be the hallmark of our species: We are, in essence, the way we walk. " M. Games Omni Magazine, January, 1993