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In this interview, conducted in early October 2020, Dr. Patterson offers what this COVID-19 moment looks like to him as a Rolfer and as a physician. Patterson outlines how he is working safely with...

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Ask the Faculty

VOLPONES, Pierpaola; TAHATA, Hiroyoshi et al.

Breath has always been integral to our Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® paradigm. In this column, our faculty authors speak to the foundational nature of breathing in our work.

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Aging Rolfer, Aging Clients

Durch: Structural Integration Jahr: 30/11/2014

   Truth be told, I was never a young Rolfer, and am certainly not now,...

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The Cranium (reprint)

Durch: Bulletin of Structural Integration Jahr: 05/04/1975

In keeping with her feeling that "every one of these bones should be...

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Manipulação Visceral no Trabalho Estrutural

Durch: Rolfing Brasil Jahr: 05/11/2006

Artigo originalmente publicado no 2005 Year Book do IASI

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