Letter from the Embryo


This is article is a discussion of embryological development of the face and in particular the space for the eyes. The face starts out pinched between the tissue becoming the brain and the tissue...

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Fascia Insights


The human body is by majority made of water, specifically interstitial water dissolved in our extracellular matrix. Easy flow of water through the lymph system is associated with healthy tissue and in vivo studies...

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Don Hazen: In Memoriam and Appreciation

By: IASI Year: 28/02/2012

Don Hazen, DC, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, passed away on August 2, 2011, after a...

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Structural Integration Practitioners as Facilitators of Change

By: IASI Year: 29/02/2012

Stephanie Needham, BA, BEd, is a Board Certified Structural Integration PractitionerCM practicing and living...

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Blue Lu and the White Witch

By: Structural Integration Year: 01/03/2006

The year is about 1986, and it all centers on a wonderful Southern gentleman...

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