User Guidelines


To access the content of the site, it’s necessary to register,

You can do this by clicking “enter” on the upper right side of the Home Page and filling in some information for statistical purposes.

After registering, you receive a confirmation in your e-mail.

If you have already registered, you can sign in directly.

If you have any questions, please contact us (icon “contact” in the botton of the Home Page)



There are 3 kinds of serach that one can make – articles, authors and publication, besides a genral content search.

When one clicks in “content search” on the top of the page,

You’ll find where the word (or words) that you typed are mentioned

To highlight them, follow the instruction by ctyping “CTRL F” for Windows or “CMD F” for MacIntosh systems


Iniciando a navegação do site em ARTIGOS, você encontra todo o conteúdo da biblioteca por meio dos filtros mencionados abaixo.

If you start your navigation through ARTICLES, in this page you’ll find all the content of the Library through different filters:

In “search” you may find the articles that carry the word you chose and typed.

In “Authors” it shows an alphabetical list , and, after you choose the author’s name and click in it, the articles are highlighted.

“Language” shows the texts available in the selected idiom.

“Year /month” selects the articles of the chosen date

The alphabetical circles will bring the artivles listed by the initial letter of the titles


IN SEARCH AUTHORS the selection can be done by the first or last name of the author, while in the alphabetical choice, the selection will happen from the first letter of the author’s last name.

Once you selected the author, one can click in “see articles” to access their content.



IN PUBLICATIONS the articles are listed by collections and/or journals.

Once you enter in the publication, you can select by content, authors, titles in alphabetical order, languages or dates of your interest.


Once you open an article, it’ll show the general information on it, and one can read it on line, or, when there’s an available copy of the original, do a download in PdF. For this feature you can click “Download”

The browser offers a search tool that highlights a word or part of it, as well as the number of occurences.

For this, type CTRL F in Windows or CMD F in Macintosh

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